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Frequently Asked Questions

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About the worship service

How long will the service last?
Typically the service last about one and a half hours. We begin at 10:30 a.m. and try to end right at noon.

What should I wear? 
You can come dressed in whatever you are comfortable wearing!   Most of the folks dress casually but there are some who like to dress up.  It’s up to you.  We tell everyone that God is most interested in our hearts, not what we wear.

Will I be asked to speak or recognized publically?
No, not at all.  When you come in you will be greeted by many friendly faces but no one will embarrass you or single you out  in anyway.

What happens in the service?
We will sing and most likely we will have some special music.  There will be a time for us to pray, usually led by one of our leaders.  We also allow time for members of our church family to share encouraging things they experienced or learned.  The greatest amount of time in our service will be dedicated to teaching from the Bible.

What is the music like in the worship service?
Our music is contemporary and we are often introducing new songs.  However, we also seek to blend in hymns and older songs as well.


About what we believe

Do you believe the Bible?
Absolutely!  We believe the Bible is God’s Word to us. We are convinced that it should be our guide for how to live our lives in a way that pleases God.

Does everyone agree on everything?
No, we actually want to allow for diversity of interpretation on many issues.  However we do agree that there are certain fundamental things we must agree on.  You can read our constitution for more detail.  We like to say, “We have unity in the essentials, grace in the non-essentials and love in all things.”

Who do you think Jesus is?
Many people believe Jesus was just a man.  Others say he was a good man, even a prophet sent from God.  But we believe Jesus was much more than any of these.  We believe that He was God.  Early Christians called him the God-man because He was God become like us.

What must I do for God to forgive me and accept me?
Everyone wants to know that God forgives them, and so often we think that it depends on something we do.  The truth is there is nothing we can do, in the way of a good work, to somehow earn God’s forgiveness.  The Bible says that God loves us and forgives us on the basis of faith.  Check out this more detailed explanation.


About our associations

Are you a Southern Baptist Church?
Yes we are.  We cooperate with over 36,000 churches in seeking to take the message of Jesus to the world! For more information

Do you belong to the BGAV or the SBCV?
We are a part of the SBCV, the Southern Baptist Conservatives of Virginia.  We’ve been a part of this association of churches since it’s inception.   Our goal in the SBCV is to reach Virginia by planting new churches. For more information


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