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It didn’t take long for the early church to realize that there was just going to be too much for the "pastor tier" of leadership to do. They were already responsible for teaching and preaching and praying and leading. In Acts chapter six we read that one of the first hiccups the church had was in helping distribute food to the widows in the church. Certain women were being over looked so the pastor-elders of the early church said, "It’s just too much for us to do. Chose some other men who can be responsible for this need." We believe that this first need was the first of many "needs" that would arise in the church. The early church called these leaders deacons; we simply call them ministry leaders.

The word ‘ministry’ comes from the word service. The many needs that have arisen in the church are really just opportunities to serve. The truth is, God desires all of us to serve. He wants all of us involved in helping others and helping His church grow. Loving other people is the second greatest commandment, and it finds one of it’s greatest expressions in ministry.

Ministry leaders at Bacon’s Castle are the men and women who give guidance and direction to the many attempts we are making at meeting needs and serving others. In this section you will find links to a few of those ministries. Check them out and if we can serve you, it would be a great privilege.

One more thing. If you want to serve, we have many opportunities for you to get involved. It is said that forty percent of Christians don’t serve because they haven’t been asked or don’t know where to serve. Well, we’re asking so check out these links as places you can minister. At Bacon’s Castle we believe everyone is a minister!

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