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What's Going On at Bacon´s Castle?

We're not a huge church with multiple campuses but there is often more going on than you might imagine. We want to help you keep up with what's coming up. We need you to be informed. We need you to be involved.

So the purpose of this part of our website will be to provide our people with timely and useful information in a helpful format. Soon we will have the following for your information.

  • Our Church Calendar. Our calendar will keep you advised of what is happening on a weekly and monthly basis.

  • Current topics and issues. In this section we will keep the church informed about topics the elders are considering and matters we are dealing with as a church.

  • Church newsletters. We hope to have our church newsletters on line before too long.

  • Memory Verse. The importance of Scripture memory can not be overstated so before long, each week, you will be challenged in a new verse.

  • Pastor Jimmy's preaching schedule. Here you will be able to see the topics and Scripture we planning to study in the weeks ahead.

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